The film Nikos Karouzos - Poems On A Tape Recorder is a creative documentary on the work of the preeminent Greek modernist poet, Nikos Karouzos.

Born in Nafplio in 1926 (died in Athens in 1990), Nikos Karouzos is considered one of the foremost Greek poets of the 20th century. His first poems appeared in 1949, and between 1954 and 1990 he published more than twenty collections, receiving the National Poetry Prize twice (1972 and 1988).

With his innovative approach to modernism - still under analysis and interpretation - and with the impact and diffusion of his work intensifying as years go by, Karouzos’ central position in contemporary Greek poetry has been only recently reinforced.

He lived and worked in the margins. His eventful life and work are marked by a continuous ontological anxiety: exiles, existential quests, the Greek Civil war, poverty, religious belief and love.

Cast & Crew


Director: Yannis Karpouzis
Screenplay: Andreas Vakalios, Ilias Liatsopoulos
Narration: Dimitris Katalifos
Research: Ilias Liatsopoulos
Editing: Leonidas Papafotiou
Cinematography: Yannis Karpouzis, Yannis Kanakis
Soundtrack: Kleon Antoniou, Yannis Haroulis Additional Music: Thanasis Papakonstantinou Sound Design: Kostas Fylaktidis
Production company: Empty Square
Producer: Yannis Karpouzis
Executive Producer: Christos Konstantakopoulos
Associate producers: Ilias Liatsopoulos, Andreas Vakalios
Line Producer: Lina Stavrou
Co-producer: Faliro House
With the participation of GFC & ERT

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