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The Document Scanner SDK supports encryption of all scanned documents in the app’s private directory. The SDK uses the standardized AES encryption method for this. Alternatively, interfaces can be used to implement your own algorithm for encryption and decryption.

Data encryption increases the security of the native or hybrid SDK’s preset locations. All created image files (including thumbnails) and exported PDF, JPG, PNG, or TIFF files are encrypted in RAM and then stored in the device’s flash memory. If image files are to be edited (e.g. by cropping, rotating, or applying image filters), the Scanbot SDK decrypts the file in RAM, makes the changes, encrypts it again, and stores it back in flash memory.

Encryption further increases the data protection level of our 100% GDPR compliant SDK. When you transfer sensitive documents, this ensures that no unauthorized access to confidential information can take place.

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Document encryption

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