Perspective Correction

Straighten out document scans for optimal results

Enterprises that use our solutions

Improve OCR by automatically straightening skewed document scans

We know it is difficult for users to position the camera perfectly above a document. This is why the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK automatically straightens scans by removing any perspective distortion.

Perspective correction transforms even less than ideal scans into images suitable for automated backend processing. This eliminates manual data entry, saving you time and money.

Distortion correction makes it easier for text recognition software to establish text baselines, which allow it to understand better where one word ends and another word begins. By transforming printed text into data via OCR, you can extract the data of your scans and convert your paper documents into searchable PDFs that allow for efficient digital document management.

Assists the user

Text Recognition

Facilitates text recognition

Ensures perfect scans

Perspective Correction

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