Customer Spotlight:
Scanbot SDK x Barmenia

We want to offer every company a first-class scanning experience, regardless of their field or use case. Through close interaction with industry experts, we constantly learn more about their daily requirements, challenges, and specific processes.

In the following, we would like to introduce you to Barmenia, a leading German insurance company. Today, Martin Ingignoli, Head of Competence Center Digitalization Market / Product Owner, will give us an insight into BarmeniaApp as a digital interface between insurer and client, the advantages of the Scanbot SDK, and the value of a digital customer journey.

The company – Barmenia at a glance

Barmenia is an independent insurance group headquartered in Wuppertal. The group includes Barmenia Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG, Barmenia Lebensversicherung a. G. and Barmenia Krankenversicherung AG. The leading company is Barmenia Versicherungen a. G. The companies employed around 4,300 people across Germany in 2021.

The products offered by the group of companies range from health and life insurance to accident and motor vehicle insurance to liability and property insurance. The group’s guiding principle is to be a reliable partner by the side of its customers and to offer the best possible solutions. A wide variety of digital services complete the product world.

For decades, Barmenia has distinguished itself through sustainable management and responsible corporate governance. Economic actions, social responsibility and environmental awareness are guiding principles.

The BarmeniaApp and the Scanbot SDK

The BarmeniaApp is the digital interface for our customers. In addition to accessing their policies and a digital mailbox, they can use a variety of self-service features. This also includes a digital submission process for invoices, prescriptions, and receipts concerning private health and pet insurance.

  1. What goal did you want to achieve with the integration of the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK?
    With the Scanbot SDK, we wanted to offer our policyholders a user-friendly process for conveniently capturing high-quality document scans.
  2. What factors were decisive for you in choosing the Scanbot SDK?
    The simple integration of the components, the granular configuration of the scanning process and the great quality of the transmitted images – these were the deciding factors for the use of the Scanbot SDK.
  3. How did you feel about the integration process and the support you received during that time?
    During the integration and configuration, Barmenia was in regular contact with the responsible specialists. Scanbot SDK provided quick and competent support whenever we had a question or problem.
  4. In your opinion, how will digitalization affect the insurance industry in the coming years?
    With the service delivered by companies like Google, Amazon, and Tesla, insurance clients increasingly expect digital, customer-centric processes along the entire customer journey. The digitalization of customer processes is no longer optional but a hygiene factor. However, fully digitalized customer journeys are still a powerful differentiating feature.
  5. Where do you see the potential of mobile data collection?
    Collecting and processing structured data holds enormous potential for the insurance industry’s process chains. As a major enabling technology, mobile data capture is becoming increasingly relevant. It simplifies the closing of a contract at the point of sale just as much as it facilitates the claims process.

Insurance enterprises can gain considerable process advantages by building on the right service provider and good interface architecture. All process optimization aside, however, the customer benefit should always come first.

Barmenia was able to achieve the following core results using the Scanbot SDK

  • Introduction of an entirely digital process for submission and settlement in health & animal insurance
  • Increased automated processing rate
  • Short time-to-value through fast integration

With the Scanbot SDK implementation, we have raised the capture of invoices and receipts by our customers to a new level. With the quality of the transmitted images, we can process a large number of submissions automatically. As a result, we achieve both process cost benefits and higher customer satisfaction.

Martin Ingignoli

Head of Competence Center Digitalization Market Product Owner @ Barmenia

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