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Say goodbye to error-prone manual data entry now

Entering information manually is still a common method of digitizing structured data. Unfortunately, people make mistakes, which result in false entries. These inaccuracies, large and small, can cause enormous costs in processes that depend on this data.

Our technical expertise allowed us to create a Data Scanner that enables even inexperienced users to extract data accurately. Smartphone scanning allows for an instant verification of the extracted information without extra hardware, such as computers. An ideal, convenient solution for any data capture use case.


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Deutsche Telekom Case Study

We rely heavily on this solution, and the Scanbot SDK team has been a trusted partner since day one.

Patrick Krämer - Deutsche Telekom

Patrick Krämer

Product Owner MitarbeiterApp @ Deutsche Telekom

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On-device solution for maximum privacy & usability

As an enterprise, you want a mobile data capture solution that works anywhere, anytime, and to the highest possible privacy standards. That is why our scanning SDKs operate solely on the mobile device. They will never track or send any data to any third-party server.

GDPR & CCPA compliant

Location independent

No external servers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information can I scan with the Scanbot Data Scanner?

With the Scanbot Data Scanner, you can extract any kind of single-line information that consists of alphanumeric characters. Additionally, you can define your own custom patterns of data items to be recognized by the scanner module, such as for VIN scanning.

Which use cases can I cover using the Data Scanner SDK?

You can apply our mobile data capture solution to a wide variety of use cases across a range of industries, as the module is highly flexible. You can automate your workflows, speed up data processing, and enable custom-pattern data extraction for your clients and employees.

How does Scanbot ensure data privacy?

As the Scanbot Data Scanner SDK works solely offline – based on on-device-intelligence – your data is never tracked or forwarded to external servers at any point.

Which platforms does the Data Scanner support?

Scanbot’s Data Scanner can be used for native iOS & Android app development and on the common hybrid development platforms.