JavaScript Data Capture SDK

Mobile Data Capture for Web Pages

Key Requirements

Mobile Platform

  • Web Browsers with WebAssembly support
  • Android 5.0+: Chrome, Firefox, Edge
  • iOS 14.5+: Safari, Chrome, and Firefox


  • Rear-facing camera with autofocus (recommended)
  • Front-facing camera with autofocus‍

Distribution Channels

  • npm registry (for NodeJS based frameworks)
  • JSDelivr (3rd party free CDN)

Development Tools

  • Any JavaScript IDE
  • Works with all common frameworks, like Angular, React, as well as Vanilla (plain) JavaScript

WebAssembly Support

  • For more details about WebAssembly support please refer here

Why Scanbot SDK?

Scanbot SDK Key Value Pair Feature

Key-value pair extraction

The Scanbot Data Capture SDK allows app users to extract data as key-value pairs to replace manual data entry

iOS Barcode Scanner SDK

Create a prototype in hours

You can create a first prototype in just a few hours with our detailed documentation and example projects

Developer support via Slack/Teams

Our developers will help you solve any problems you may encounter

Scanbot SDK Offline usage

100% offline

The Scanbot SDK uses on-device intelligence only, making the solution GDPR & CCPA/CAAP compliant

Facilitate scanning on your website with JavaScript Data Capture

By integrating JavaScript Data Capture capabilities, you can add accurate and reliable data extraction features to your web application. Empower your users to capture data on the go while complying with the GDPR and CCPA.

Learn more about our data extraction modules

Our data extraction modules are designed to capture data in an editable format for automatic processing.