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Digital document transmission replaces paper-based workflows to enable automated backend processing

Handing in insurance claims does not have to be paper-based and thus time-consuming and costly any longer. Enable digital document submission with a mobile Document Scanner SDK inside your app or customer portal and allow your clients to hand in all required documents on the go – without compromising on quality.

Submitting regular document photos usually doesn’t suffice for automated back-end processing due to poor quality results based on camera resolution, lighting, and the user’s digital experience. The Scanbot Document Scanner SDK offers detailed user guidance and image enhancing filters to allow even inexperienced insureds to hand in flawless document scans. It offers various output formats to match your current claims process and is compliant with international data protection standards, such as GDPR and CCPA.

Do you want to increase the share of automatically processed claims by more than 20%? Try out our Insurance Scanner Software.

Automated processing

Scanbot SDK Real Time Feature

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Highest data privacy

Document Scanning Management

Discover how a digital claims submission process can look like in practice

  1. An insured wants to report a claim via the mobile app and is now asked to submit several paper documents.
  2. They can now easily scan all relevant papers within milliseconds. User guidance and image enhancing features lead to perfect results.
  3. The scanned documents are now ready for automated backend processing.

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